2 March 2013

A very rustic tray

A very rustic tray

The trays are always helpful. No matter the size or color, always end up using it for anything. And so today we show you how to perform this very rustic tray, even if it appears that is made ​​from a cardboard box. And, as we use canes, be a very rustic.


 Corrugated 1 mx 1 m
 wooden Paper 
 Vinyl glue 
 scenographic Paper
 Acrylic chocolate brown
 black Oil 
 Oil Flax
 Brush No.10 work 
 rustic Hilo 

 Step by step:

 1. Make a cut on the short side of the box, to lower its height. Reinforcing all internal lateral cardboard box. Give firmness to the structure with cartapesta technique, covering the surface with three layers of hand-cut paper and wood glued vinyl. Allow to dry.

 2. Make the last layer of paper using paper scenery. Allow to dry. 3. Paint the entire structure with chocolate brown. Once dry, make a glaze with black oil. 4. Paste as sections cane handles at each end, and secure with rustic twine. Placing inside the tray mat cut.



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