5 March 2013

Cardboard craft;A police car

               The cardboard crafts a uniquely fun, and I've taught to do cardboard toys , including how to build a cardboard kitchenette . But as soon as I saw this police car made ​​with a cardboard box I'm in love with him, I immediately imagined my kids inside. Sounds like a great idea and very easy to do. The kids are going to have a great time with this police car made ​​from a cardboard box , a few more things and above all, imagination and love. Not only will have fun playing with the police car but as we do with them spend a fun afternoon.

Cardboard craft;A police car

To make this craft cardboard need a large cardboard box. With a foil ramekins will headlamps with plastic dishes simulate the wheels and steering wheel. The siren and the flashing will be great if we make with red plastic cups. Finish off decorating with washi tape and markers. Do not forget to put a key, because without it will not start.



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