2 March 2013

Doll making

Doll making

Doll making

Doll making

 Cotton fabrics
 Universal Glue
 Picot, ribbons, 
 lace cloth Lenci 
 Fleece silicone Rice 

 Step by step

 Cut strips of fabric  Machine stitched them together.
 Iron seams well. 
Addressing the rights of fabrics, supporting the mold and cut with seam allowance.
 Machine stitched them together.
 Cutting over. 

 Paste universal glue the face, hair, eyes, cheeks and mouth.
 unions in universal and apply glue stick tape, picot and lace.

 Perform this procedure on the back. 

 Put rice in a plastic bag and close it with a knot. 
 fill the body of the doll with silicone fleece halfway and then with the bag of rice, to give it weight.
 For close to glue to the base universal and paste.



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