3 March 2013

Dress your chairs

Today I bring an idea that I loved. This is a fabric covers to cover the chairs . It is a very simple and fast. And also has the advantage that you can put on your chairs on the occasions you want. Dressing chairs in a very nice touch to the home.  


 Fabric 1.75m X 2.75m stamped
 self adhesive Interlining 1m X 2.70m 
 Sewing Machine
 Thread in tune
 Printed fabric: 1 strip of 2.70m X 50cm
 2 50cm squares of side
 8 strips of 16cm X 30cm 

 1 strip of 2.66m
 X 46cm 2 squares of 46 cm side

 Step by step:
 1.With the plate entretelar the two squares and the longest strip of cloth.
 2.Dar reverse turned toward the work, the stamped edges of the strip have not interlining; hemming and tack. Repeat the procedure on the squares.
 3.Ubicar a square each side of the central strip (guiĆ”ndote to scheme) with pins and stitch holding the contour of the sleeve.
 4.Doblar the strips of cloth 8 by half ; secure them with pins on the long side and one short side. Goto machine, turn and iron. 
 5.Hilvanar ties on each side of the sleeve and machine stitch. 
                      This way you already have the job finished and ready to dress up your chairs. Note that these measures are standard, and is exemplary. To take measurements of your chairs should do the following: 

1.Medir the space between the floor and the top edge of the back, first by the straight part of the chair and then the front (following the curve of the seat). The sum of the two measurements is equal to the length of the main strip.
 2.Medir the width of the seat back and to calculate the width of the main strip.
 3.Medir seat depth and the distance separating it from the floor, to know what should be the size of the side pieces.



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