5 March 2013

Easy child crafts;Goldfish

                 The children's crafts I love. They are an easy way to entertain the kids indoors when the weather is really bad or just do not feel like going to the park.
A material that I think is super convenient carton. You can create everything with it! We have already seen how to make beautiful princess crowns , creepy monsters cardboard and incuse, friendly owls made ​​from toilet paper tubes. What do you think dive into the sea and make some nice goldfish?
The board is extremely versatile and allows the kids have fun with everyday objects and materials, such that all have at home. What a good idea!
If you have had recently a children's party at home, do not waste the paper plates! We will be very useful to recreate the seabed.

Easy child crafts;Goldfish


 paper plates
 colored sheets
 paint colors and brushes 

Step by step of the goldfish

 If your dishes are white, you can paint the color that you like with paint or markers. If instead they are colored, and have everything ready to put to work.

 Grab a plate and cut off a small triangle, forming the figure of the old Pacman game. Tack tape triangle on the back plate to form the tail of fish . Then decorad the goldfish as you like best. You can draw eyes, scales, fins or even trim these objects in colorful leaves and glue to decorate the fish. Hair, hats, flowers ... anything goes! Give free rein to your creativity and cread some beautiful goldfish .



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