2 March 2013

Flower vase

Flower vase

To renew old ornaments precise not buy new, only precise wit and imagination. Here we show you how to decorate with fabric . 
 Believe it or not is fabric! And despite being a bit laborious , with a little patience you will see that you can do it without problems.


 1.5 m of white colored stretch fabric 
 Wenge color water-based varnish, and viraró petiribí 
 Wire prism 15 cm side and approximately 20 cm
 Chinese Bristle Brush No. 20

 Steps to follow:

 First cut the fabric into strips of 10 cm width in the direction opposite to the weft stretch fabric. Then you separate the strips into three groups, each group staining with different colored paint and then let it dry well. 

Short stretches of 7 to 15 cm long each color, giving a total of 21. Tie them to the structure vertically alternating colors and by reason of 5 strips each prism face.

 With the rest of the strips executes a horizontally interlaced alternating colors. Repeat interlaced with each of the colors to completely cover caras.Verás in these strips that remain attached to the ends of the side vertices of the prism. 

 With excess strips diagonally performs a network, through the network of the previous step, also alternating colors and positions. With the Chinese bristle brush and colored varnish petiribí, skating all the faces of the cube to match the colors.



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