2 March 2013

How to decorate a shelf,

If you do not know how to decorate a shelf room ... Have you ever thought how great it would be to get a few flowers, colors and sea shells? Would succeed a very modern bathroom, tropical and most attractive.

How to decorate a shelf,

 Artificial flowers
 Spade drill

 Step by step:

 Entire shelf you go to decorate and make sure you achieve a smooth enough surface on which to work. Then clean and remove any residual dirt that may ever have. With the spade bit, makes small holes throughout the surface. Begin to introduce color samples or any small object you want to use to decorate. Pressed hard and in case of delicate accessories, introduces some glue to not eventually peel off.

Glue seashells and other marine product you found on the beach and demonstrates you consider this craft. Do not forget to place artificial flowers interspersed with the elements. The combination is wonderful! Finally varnished with two or three coats to seal the job and ready! Already have a shelf for bath decorated really great, simple and easy. Is not it wonderful?



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