3 March 2013

Lemon cushions

                                   The truth is that the more I see things made ​​out of felt, the more I like. This time we teach you to make a nice cushion with a lemon. The designer who has posted this beautiful cushion Flickr called one dani . It's very original and simple. Surely for the fourth of adolescent girls and perfect will.

Lemon cushions


 White Filter
 Yellow Felt
 Sewing machine
 Glue stick

 Step by step:

            As indicated in the drawing, you must cut two equal circles in white felt, 10 equal wedges in yellow felt, and a rectangle that is the bellows. The length of the rectangle should be a little longer than the circumference of the circles, and the width of the rectangle is the height of the pillow. When you have all the pieces cut the segments you stick to the white circles. Paste five in each circle with a glue stick, and zigzag edges of each slice with the sewing machine. When you have prepared covers the segments can begin to close the cushion. First sew one of the covers to the rectangle. You must go by matching the length of the rectangle with the perimeter of the cover. Before you finish sewing, you should join the ends of the rectangle to close the bellows. Make a straight stitch to join them, and finish sewing the cover to the bellows. Finally place the other lid leaving an opening that allows you to turn it around and stuff it with batting. When you finish filling it with an invisible seam close it by hand and you have ready your pillow. Note that you can play with the sizes and colors.



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