5 March 2013

Make snowmen with pots

Make snowmen with pots

                     Decorating the house for Christmas is one of the most enjoyable activities of the holidays, at least for me. I entertain a lot to do crafts with the children and create original Christmas decorations to brighten the home. At other times we learned to make Christmas cards with buttons and Christmas decorations in 10 minutes , among other crafts . Today we show you how to make snowmen with pots ... The snowmen are one of the greatest and classic symbols of Christmas . If you live in a city where it snows or not you want to make a snowman that will not melt, you know: a snowman with pot is the ideal choice.

 Materials Required

 terracotta pots
 old woolen gloves
 colored pompoms
 various colored paint
 Gift Wrap

Step by step snowmen with pots

 Graffiti the white pot. Medici the edge of the terracotta pot. Then Cut strips of wrapping paper with the width and length of the rim of the pot. Colocad presionad glue and paper over the pot until it is secure.

 Meanwhile, Hew old glove fingers to create the hat snowman . Colocad the doll hat, making a fold in the bottom to achieve the beanie wing. With ribbon, make a bow at the top of the hat (in the open part of the glove). If you wish, you can secure the hat with glue to prevent movement.

 To create the earmuffs, Tack a pompom to the height of each doll's ear and a ribbon on top. If you wish to give the snowman rosy cheeks, a small brush mojad and disheveled in pink paint and take away the excess until the brush is almost dry. Then with that brush, Apply the paint on the pot.

 Add the orange nose and black eyes and mouth. Let dry thoroughly and if you want you can varnish the container to protect the design.



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