3 March 2013

Recycling piggy

Recycling piggy

We're going to do with the kids a fun activity that allows them to have their own savings and also learn to recycle. Using a plastic bottle and colored paper may be this cute piggy coin container. Carefully read the following step by step to help small to make this fun activity for children.


 A plastic bottle
 Papers piece of wire of 5 cm paper tape (masking tape)
 Cutter Scissors
 Vinyl glue

 Step by step:

                                If the activity will be performed by young children, it is advisable that you do the first part of the work , ie cutting the bottle. This begins by removing the collar and the base. Slice a strip at the bottom of the bottle and there short segments to form the ears and creek at the top rectangular hole to put the coins in the piggy. Match the edges and leave the packaging on the size you have the body. From here can children start working with collage. should cut a piece of paper the size of the nose and stick it in the place where the mouth of the bottle Paper tape, the whole front cover tape, the base recessed into the back and joining the segments with more paper tape. Then they have to cut many paper squares pink or peach (like the pig of the image) of about 2 cm across. No matter if they are not perfect, and can even cut them by hand. They cut and are making a stack of paper cutouts while you prepare the glue them. Dilute white glue with water in a container and explain to children that they should go dipping each piece of paper and pasting it into the bottle one another, to cover it completely, except the upper slit. Can match with your fingers gently the surface, being careful not to tear the paper, until several layers and a smooth surface. They also cover the ears in a different tone of color and let dry 8 to 10 hours.
                    Once dry have to add the eyes with black paper circles and a larger circle in pink for the animal's snout. The points that are stuck on this piece can cut them and paste them or draw them with a black marker. To make the glue a piece of wire lathed, f√≥rralo with paper and adhere to the back. Can children make this work, turning out a piece of paper instead of the wire and then just stick it in the back. We have finished the pig and small will be eager to premiere. Enjoy your recycled piggy !



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