3 March 2013

Renew your old jeans

                            As I always say, no matter who we get bored of our stuff, the important thing is to find a way to renew . So in this case, we tell you how to recycle an old pair of jeans. To all that has happened to us we have spent the basement of a cowboy, and are really ugly. If you happened to you, today we tell you how to make some nice bass to decorate your pants .

Renew your old jeans


 Old trousers
 Sewing Machine 
 Decorative ribbon 
 shiny fabric

 Step by step:

 Depending on the state you are the lower your pants, you have to decide if you want to cut a little or not. Anyway what you do is very simple. Cut two rectangles of fabric. The height will depend on your taste and the width should be the same as the trousers. In each rectangle sew two strips, one above and one below. For this you must bend an inch backward sewing the cloth and go over the tape. Once you have both boxes ready fold them in half and sew for their right ends. Now it only remains to sew pants low.



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