3 March 2013

Spring flower bowl

Create daffodil-shaped candy dishes for a fanciful table display using coffee filters and food coloring.

Spring flower bowl

Spring flower bowl

Tools and Materials

 Green and yellow food coloring 
Wide shallow bowl or pie plate 
Coffee filters
 Paper cups and
 Hot-glue gun

 Spring Flower Bowl How-To

 Pour water with a few drops of food coloring into wide, shallow bowls. Dye a few filters completely green. Dip the open end of a larger stack in yellow. Remove, and let dry while stacked upside down. (Note: Coffee filters hold their shape best when dyed in a stack.) Paint cups with food coloring mixture. (Do some interiors, some exteriors, some both.) Separate dyed filters when dry. Fold 1 in half, and snip into fluted part every few inches. Trim snips into rounded petals. Unfold. Cut green filters into leaf shapes. Glue cup to center of filter. Glue green leaves
to underside of filter.



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