3 March 2013

Sympathetic design felt pillow

The cushions are always a nice touch to add to your home. They come in all types, color and form, and will give an air anywhere special. So, on this day we tell you how to make a very sympathetic in felt but with a beautiful design that everyone will admire.

Sympathetic design felt pillow

 Felt, colors: green, brown and cream 
 Needle and embroidery threads in tune with the felt
 wadding to fill 

 Step by step:

The first thing to do is cut all the pieces. To do this, look at the picture. You cut two rectangles in cream colored cushion. For the design of the pot must cut varied green felt leaves to the pot and a rectangle and a square where you must cut the sides diagonally, honing the bottom.

 Once you have cut parts starting assembly. Take one of the rectangles and the bottom rail large piece of the pot. Just make straight stitches along the outline (on the upper side is not necessary). Once you finish overboard the small rectangle at the top of the pot. 

 Once you have a container list is time to sew the leaves. Cut several sheets of different sizes. Go to top of the pot by placing them embroidered and simply make a straight stitch down the center of the leaves to sew. As you go placing leaves superimposing duty to make it look more real. 

 When you have your finished design, with the amount of leaves you like, what you have to do deal with the second piece in cream box, design with the pot should be in front. Make a straight stitch 1 cm from the edge all the way around leaving a centimeter open to fill. Fill the pillow with batting and when you finish stitching takes the opening.



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