31 July 2013

Carpet decoration

Carpet  decoration

Have you ever thought about making a beautiful carpet to decorate the house? It may be easier than you think! See below how to do, step by step, the carpet amarradinho . It is a mat classic and very beautiful, it is worth spending some time doing this craft and have an article creative to decorate the house. By doing this rug can mix several colors, make different designs and even write custom text. With some planning you can make several of these to sell, it's a great deal!

material required

-Piece of jute fabric (84 × 54 cm)

-Patchwork elastane

-Wooden toothpick



-Rectangular mold of cardboard (10 × 2 cm)

step by step

Carpet  decoration

1) Make the bar Jute with thread and needle on all four sides.

Carpet  decoration

2) Use the template to cut the cardboard elastane.

Carpet  decoration

3) With the help of the stick, pass the piece of spandex for jute.

Carpet  decoration

4) Press the tip of elastane to appear on the other side, then pass the spandex to the other side again.

Carpet  decoration

5) Pull the piece of spandex to be equal on both sides.

Carpet  decoration

6) Tie the spandex.

Carpet  decoration

7) Repeat this procedure until all the jute carpet is ready. It is a work of patience, but it's pretty much the end result.

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