28 July 2013

Flowers with plastic bottles

Flowers with plastic bottles

If you like to recycle surely're looking for new uses for things that most people consider trash. If you have plastic bottles and do not use in your house, go get them! Because today we flowers with plastic bottles .

How about giving a new use for those plastic bottles that are always at home and never know what to do with them? And better yet, if recycled to make something beautiful as a flower.


Plastic bottle
Spray paint

Flowers with plastic bottles

Step by step:

         To make these beautiful flowers with plastic bottles, the first step is to cut the bottle about 10 cm below the peak. Assist with the cutter to cut it.

.Take the bottle to cut the beak and with the scissors cut the flower petals, you can make them the size you want.

Once you have the cut flower petals, squeeze the bottle on the table. This will give the flower petals remain open.

We have the list flower shape, we just need to give it color. To take your flower sprinkle with colored spray paint, the center aims to take a more natural tone on the petals, as in the photo

Flowers with plastic bottles

What do you think? Your flower with plastic bottles and is ready! You can make a bouquet with many flowers like this or one with other flowers from recycled materials .

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