28 July 2013

How to decorate a lamp

Got a lamp you bored and want to cheer? You're in luck because this opportunity will teach you to decorate a lamp paper in a very easy and original. For this craft we have created a video with the steps to follow so that you easier. 

Take the opportunity to learn how to decorate your home in a fun way. Board materials and get to work!

How to decorate a lamp


Paper Molds
Paper lamp
Glue gun

Additional advice:

To decorate a paper lantern can be used as molds cupcakes pirotines of paper to glue on the lamp. 

It is not necessary that you use a paper lamp can also be plastic and you can even do it with a lamp other than round. Just do not expect to get the same result as in the video. Security will be very different, but as beautiful as ours. 

If you have glue gun, you can use another glue and white glue, but only if you use a paper lamp because the white glue does not stick to the plastic. 

For paper cups keep their shape, slowly trying to complete the lamp. Make first one side and when you finish that, start with the other. So you'll always where you support it when decorating. 

Pirotines can also use colors to make it look more fun to the lamp. May all be the same color or two different colors using all pirotines of different colors. Try to combine well with the other colors in the room where placed CROVAT s your lamp. 

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