24 July 2013

How To Make a Flower Tower

This idea can be reproduced using PVC tubes.
The result is wonderful!

How To Make a Flower Tower

How To Make a Flower Tower

 Repeating explanation for planting in the vertical PVC pipe. Read to the end ...

How To Make a Flower Tower

How To Make a Flower Tower

How To Make a Flower Tower

Explanation for planting in PVC pipe vertically:

Choose a pipe off and make holes with the hole saw enough in diameter to changes (5cm)

Place a cap for external threading PVC pipe at one end of the barrel (bottom)

In this buffer, make a small hole with the drill and paste with silicone glue a small tube of 10 cm (I used ballpoint pen)

To irrigate the plants put inside the barrel thick (center) a barrel full of holes as a thinner screen (with stick drill) and wrap in a blanket permeable pipe for the water to pass without violence and reach completely the entire length of the barrel and the roots of the plants. (I used as blanket, pieces of thin sweatpants and old)

To plant the seedlings I did so:

Fill the pipe substrate and reach the height as the holes, place the seedling with the roots inside the pipe carefully. For the earth does not fall through the hole until the changes be secured and the land stays, I wrapped the changes within the filter paper used for straining coffee, making a hole in the bottom of the filter to pass only the roots ... so I removed the paper filter a few days later, when the land stays after, she ran over the risk of the pipe drain.

Plant without fear. Assure that the earth settles, the roots are fixed, then no land had not left the barrel.
Let the center of the pipe (irrigation) about 10 cm out and cover the pipe with a piece of plastic or foil and only Uncover, time of watering.

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