19 August 2013

Fun mushrooms from recycled cardboard

Fun mushrooms from recycled cardboard

 Now that the rains have begun to fall is the best time to go out with the kids and plan out with children to gather mushrooms . But if you have time do not worry because if you do not go to mushroom, mushrooms you go through these cardboard craft that we found.These fun mushrooms soon become the favorite home of the dolls of our children. These are some easy crafts to make, which need only recycled materials and the uqe the kids will have fun making them bigger. 

The materials we need to make these mushrooms are: 

-paperboard (the cereal boxes are perfect), 
-tape adhesive, 
-and pencil. 

The first thing to do is the structure of the mushroom. To do this, on the cardboard, draw a rectangle the size you want. The bigger, the greater our mushrooms. Also draw a circle, on which the central part will stick then the mushroom. Once drawn, we cut the pieces with scissors. Cilindo we shape of the rectangle, gluing the ends with a bit of heat, and the adhesive paste on the base circle will do. Now with the stylus, you draw to our mushrooms windows, the door and decoration that we want to have. 

Fun mushrooms from recycled cardboard

In the cardboard, make a big circle and trimmed. To place the cone of the mushroom. do a cross section to ek center circle. With a little zeal we adhesive paste the cut and we will have ready the "roof" of our mushrooms. 

Now we just need to unleash our imagination and color with tempera mushrooms. If we want, we can hit things that we find at home to make our mushrooms are much more original and fun: buttons, sequins, glitter .... What you like best!

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