19 August 2013

Pen holder

This pen holder is very cute and decorate the nursery in an incredible way, you can take advantage and make it to feast on the day of the child.

 Pen holder


- Mass of polenta. 
- A small can. 
- Palote. 
- Cola pasting. 
- Toothpicks. 
- Two plast foam beads. 
- Acrylic paint (red, black and white.) 
- A brush.


The first thing to do is sanitized container. Then wrap it with paper comtac, inside and out. 
Make a rim with thick duct tape in colors that will be the wool tie fringe. 
Cut fringes of different sizes, which we will be putting first going down. 
then cut go shorter bangs giving way. The volume below we can do it by sticking a piece of felt for the hair is higher and so give the shape of the cheeks the doggy. 
's eyes and felt lenfua are cuts, we can stick with glue (non-toxic). 
After the form is given, we will again adehesiva ribbon color that we like, giving more of a return to make it safe .. 
The base, to slide and not scratch the floor, take a felt stuck with form of support.

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