30 November 2013

Beautiful and rich with sweet carrots

Delivery grtandes your little guests and treats in an original wrapper shaped carrot . It's a nice presentation that will not leave your friends and evil in addition to little kids will love. The good thing is that it serves both for a meeting, as a party or baby shower ...
Beautiful and rich with sweet carrots

The materials needed for this craft are:

Transparent Film.
Felt orange and green.
Agua Caliente.

To begin, you must cover the carrots with transparent plastic wrap. You take a piece of paper and wrap the carrot to form the mold. Once you have these well marked, you can cut it.

Place the pan on the felt color orange, you transfer the design and short. Then you have to dip the piece of felt in hot water, and fold.

Embrace the carrot with the piece of wet felt. When dry, add glue where both sides come together and when it dries you remove the carrot.
Beautiful and rich with sweet carrots
To make the stem of the carrot, you must cut 5 strips shaped stud. Make cuts around the tip and then stretch a little. You can glue or sew bunch of stems to the top of the carrot.

Then you must open several holes with a punch. Pass the wire or strip orange by small holes made.

And finally, you must place him or candy treats inside the carrot, pulling you close the strip and a laso culminas or knot.
Beautiful and rich with sweet carrots

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