30 November 2013

Easy Felt Coasters

Felt is a very grateful, economic and versatile material. It is difficult also felt that something made you look bad, it is a noble material and anyone can work with. This time we show below some coasters made with felt pieces that fit together. It is as if all ride small puzzles made with pieces of felt. They are very original and simple to prepare.

Easy Felt Coasters

Anyone for little hands to be considered, can make these pretty coasters. In fact they are so simple that they can request the assistance of the kids in the house to help us in creation. Logically adults will take care of the kids cut and assemble the pieces of felt.


Felt in the color you want.
Cutting template to download here .

Descargremos the template and print it. With your help we will cut the felt pieces. Depending on the number of coasters that we will make the necessary copies to print templates, with each piece out for two coasters. Post the Export Team on a piece of felt and proceed to cut the parts.
Easy Felt Coasters
We put four pieces of felt, at 90, forming a square, as shown in the picture above and insert the peaks for the sections in the room next door.
Easy Felt Coasters
We shall be a square like you see in the picture above. Now we just have to trim the edges so they are even.
Easy Felt Coasters
And then cut it with scissors small triangles that can be seen in the picture above. This coaster aesthetics gain much.
Easy Felt Coasters
Finally our coasters we felt ready to enjoy drinks without danger to our furniture. In summer with cold drinks are ideal because they felt good soaking moisture that forms on the outside of the glass.

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