30 November 2013

Easy ornaments with bells

It's time to start thinking about interesting details to decorate our house this coming Christmas. We do not know if "White Christmas" and that depends on where you live each but you can be sure that magnificent "Jingle Bells" with these ornaments we suggest.
Easy ornaments with bells
They are smart, friendly, and very christmas facilísimos prepare. With them the Christmas music will be opened in your home. And you can give multiple uses from ornaments for the Christmas tree or decorating the house to decorate the table for Christmas or gifts.
Easy ornaments with bells

  • Diamondbacks.
  • Needle-nose pliers.
  • Fabric ribbons.
  • Wire Jewelry.
  • Scissors and wire cutters.
Easy ornaments with bells
Cut a piece of jewelry wire and make a loop at one end, jingle bells strung on wire to the desired size
Easy ornaments with bells
We connect both ends of the wire to form a ring of bells. A ribbon tied to the junction of the two ends of the wire. To decorate gifts we can use wide ribbon as shown in the image, the crown of bells tied with a ribbon of the same color but thinner. It is very elegant.
Easy ornaments with bells
To hang the ornaments bells tree ornaments or other places will put a piece of black satin ribbon and make a bow. They can give a lot of play these sound Christmas decorations that are sure to want smaller be playing every day. So if you have children at home colocadlos out of reach and see that the wire is securely hidden and folded the ends so they can not harm the little ones.

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