30 November 2013

Felt garlands to decorate your home

I think one of these wreaths made of yarn and fabric may look good for the holiday decor of any home. They are easy, economical and can they involve our children in their development without any problem. I love to participate in the creation of the Christmas decorations that will install shortly.
Felt garlands to decorate your home
I love these simple elaborations suitable for all audiences. You do not need anything and is almost impossible to fail. Our house does not need large investments to look good nice Christmas.


  • Two sheets of felt for each color, white, blue and brown <. / Li>
  • A sheet of red felt.
  • 3 meter kitchen twine or thin string.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Scissors.

Cut felt circles of each color, the principal color will cut circles of about 5 cm in diameter, a different color will cut circles of 2.5 cm diameter and ultimate color also cut off circle of 5 cm in diameter. It is not necessary to go our perfect circles, then will not be noticeable.
Felt garlands to decorate your home
The large flowers are formed by bending in four circles and gluing the sides so it does not release, remains a triangular cone. After several of these triangles paste, between 5 and 8 and have a flower. Attach it to the kitchen string and continue with the other flowers.
Felt garlands to decorate your home
For the second type of flower, brown in the example, do several cuts in the circle of brown felt and between 8 and 10 will stick together to form the yarn brown flowers. Blue are made with the same technique described above but less than circles as large as the white or can be cut slightly smaller than the white circles. Red felt cut off the small circles will stick faced two by two on the yarn.
Felt garlands to decorate your home
Simple, easy but very decorative. A very satisfying job with very little investment. We will have a lovely garlands to decorate the Christmas tree or anywhere in your home.

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