30 November 2013

Felt Penguin Christmas tree

This Christmas can decorate your Christmas tree with felt dolls that are very easy to make and will give a new look to the decor of your tree. This time we bring you how to prepare a cute penguin in a position to put your tree. It can also serve to decorate packages Christmas gifts or even to decorate the Christmas table if added to a beautiful floral centerpiece.

Felt Penguin Christmas tree


  • Black, white and orange felt.
  • Download the template .
  • Scissors.
  • Needle and thread.
  • White cloth tape.
  • Polyester fiber.

After getting all the information it needs will have to download the template and print it. He has to cut two pieces to form the body in black felt, two pieces for eyes with white felt and two pupils in black felt. An elliptical shape on white felt for the abdomen and the two wings on black felt, a note should be placed in the inverted order to have a right and a left wing. Then you have to cut felt with orange beak and legs.

Once you have all the pieces cut should sew the two that form the body first, do the reverse and take to sew the white ribbon hanger used. Leave the bottom unstitched, then turn it over and cook on the white part of the abdomen, eyes and pupils, beak and wings. Now you can fill the body with a little fiber or polyester batting or filling material available at that time. Enter part of the feet on the bottom of the opening and sew the opening pingïno body. Already have ready your Christmas penguin.

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