30 November 2013

Play trays with rice paper napkin and

A new craft to do at home. Thanks to Ana Isabel for this beautiful craft .
This game is made with rice paper and napkin. It is very easy to perform and is very grateful results.
These trays / plates on an entry or on a dresser look great for depositing small things like rings, keys, etc..
Play trays with rice paper napkin and
The materials you need are:

  • Motif napkins and rice paper.
  • Bins and / or dishes.
  • Medium to decoupage.
  • Lija.
  • Clear acrylic.
  • Hands ...

First Step : Carefully cut flowers, remove the two subsequent layers of the napkin, and stick behind the plate with the special glass for decoupage medium. (Beware wrinkles). Allow to dry well. At least 5 or 6 hours.

Step Two : After you need to paste (also back), with the same medium as for napkins, rice paper, leaving an overhang of paper about 2 or 3 cms. per side. Let dry for about an hour or two.
Step Three : Finally, when it has dried rice paper, lightly sand the edges with a piece of sandpaper so that they are perfectly clean paper edges of the tray.

Finally you can spray (behind) acrylic spray varnish, to give more protection.
Play trays with rice paper napkin and

Simple, right?

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