31 December 2013

Make a puff

Make a puff

Make a puff
How to make a puff? That is the question we will try to resolve today because ... who does not want a puff in your home?

The puff, halfway between a chair and a cushion , is a typical accessory to that always takes advantage, and that is especially decorative .. . comfortable! However, it is not always easy to find the puff I want in stores, either because they are too rigid, small or simply because they are difficult to clean.
The solution? Ask yourself the perfect puff. Shall we see how?
To make a puff need a sewing machine (and know how to use, of course). Moreover, a project laborious, but not complicated.

To make a puff need the following materials:

  • Large sheet of paper
  • Between 2 and 4 meters of white cloth (eg cotton or twill)
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Stuffing (cotton, chopped foam, feathers ...)
  • Cover

Let's see now, step by step, how to make this puff!
Make a puff. Step 1
First, create the patterns to make the puff. We need two different, one for the lower and upper circles, and a different one for the 4 sides of the puff. In the picture you can see how each of them, but keep in mind that you are not to scale. You must reproduce the pattern is paper or cardboard, and cut into desired shapes.
Make a puff
Make a puff. Step 2

Brand patterns (size you want) on the white cloth before cutting. Place two side sections on one another and secured by pins one side. Cose there and do a double seam to make it more durable.
Make a puff
Make a puff. Step 3

Gathering with pins go all the sides, and stitching each of the following. Do things the last side to put puff filling. Then, also the upper and lower stitching circular parts. It's almost ready!
Make a puff
Make a puff. Step 4

Turn over the fabric and the filling begins to get through the opening was between two sides. Fill it up as much as you want, but think that over time it will flatten so much better recently.
Make a puff
Make a puff. Step 5

Closes with pins ran out the side and sew sewing machine with the latter side. Being bulky can be quite uncomfortable, but you do not make it nice (go in a pillow case) alone it is well sewn
Make a puff
Make a puff. Step 6

Put it in the case! If you have no case of this size, you can also do it yourself with a fabric that you like and leaving a cm around each pattern. Furthermore, one of the four sides should be wider than the rest in order to place there a zipper.
Make a puff

Make a puff

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