31 December 2013

Toymaker DIY

Toymaker DIY
A DIY juguetero like this can be the cheapest and aesthetic solution to the disorder of the small room! And it is usually the children have more toys you want to sort, and boxes and bins allow them to collect everything in no time. Scoring a toymaker is therefore a very good idea if you do not already have one (or even no you have enough).
To make this DIY juguetero all we need is a box of wooden fruit (you can request one from the grocery store) and wheels. And follows the trail of furniture with pallets , as ecological and so fashionable !
Want to see step by step how to toymaker build this DIY?
Toymaker DIY
In the picture above you can see all the materials needed to make this DIY juguetero:

  • 1 box of fruit box type pallets
  • 4WD
  • Spray paint
  • 1 wooden board

This juguetero DIY is super easy and pretty quick . Follow these steps:

  • Apply two coats of paint on the wheels and let dry overnight.
  • To ensure a stable set of wheels, it is best to screw them small wooden planks, and not directly to the checkout. This cut four blocks of the same size and are flush with the edge of the box.
  • 4 blocks placed inside the box, by screwing in the 4 corners.
  • Use lock washers to screw each wheel in each corner.
Toymaker DIY
This DIY juguetero I love because it has the charm of rustic , but so cheerful colorful pop. In addition to practical, this juguetero look great in any child's bedroom!

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