23 April 2014

Glass jars painted mirror-aged

Clear glass vases or some old canning jars are transformed by this technique in light decorations vintage flavor. Have all the appearance of old mirrors attacked by time and the elements. And then have a great ornamental effect to enhance the decor of our home.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
Let's look at the step by step to get this wonderful and spectacular effect of aged mirror.
  • Jars and glass vases
  • A bottle with spray
  • Mirrored Spray Painting
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towels
  • Newspaper or an old sheet
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
Protect the area where it will work to keep it clean with paint or vinegar. Previously he has to clean the jars under his care for the paint to adhere properly. Prepare the spray bottle with a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts. Shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the two components. Place the spray bottle in the finest position to project a light rain. Soak the cans with a thin application of the spray bottle.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
Immediately apply a coat of paint mirror effect with spray. Let stand for one minute that first layer and re-wet the jars with the mixture of water and vinegar.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
Let the paint dry and the mixture of water and vinegar will be taking effect during the drying process.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
Two minutes can pass a paper towel to dry carefully water and vinegar. You can also squeeze more in areas where preferred to have a more aged appearance.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
The process should be repeated three or four times to get the effect we want, jars and vases that have the look of an aged mirror. After three hours of drying will be ready for use.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged
We can get the effect you want more or less aged and we ready our jars and vases to decorate our home.
Glass jars painted mirror-aged



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